Sunday, April 8, 2012

Egg hunt #2 and a couple other things...

Yesterday we went to the easter egg hunt put on by Cottonwood Heights. They had the ages all split up, so my dad and I were with Molly (ages 3-4) and Justin went with Ali for the 0-2 age group.

The siren went off and there Molly went! She came back with a pretty full basket.

I went over to get a few pics of Justin and Ali. For the little ones, they had a person with a basket of eggs and you went around to the different people and got an egg at each.

Checking out her loot.

Very proud of their spoils!!

My dad said it well-it was a great event. It was quick (we were in and out in probably 30 minutes), fun and free!

We discovered that Molly seemed to have picked all of the larger eggs, which meant she got all of these mini stuffed animals!! Ha ha. We thought it was pretty funny. Next year we'll know I guess and tell her to get the small ones too! She did get a flower stamp and she was VERY excited about that! We weren't allowed to go with her since there were so many parents it would have been crazy. Although I did go over to take a few pics :)

Here is my most recent project. My mom found this changing table at DI for $20! I have been looking for something to put the baby's clothes in. My mom called and said she found this so I said buy it!! It looked like it was in storage for a while, so I just washed it all down, then spray painted it white. It looks great now! I will add some baskets for storage on the bottom 2 shelves and get a changing pad and viola! Done!

Molly was out of school this past week for spring break, so I decided I should knock out some baby projects. I made a receiving blanket, a burp cloth, and I'm working on a quilt made with some scraps I have. I still have a few other things to do, but I'm feeling better about being a bit more prepared. I will show you pics of the projects soon I hope.

Also, this past week, Justin has made it big!! He received an email on Monday while at work from a professor telling him he was on the front page of the university's paper!! Click here to read the article. Here's the picture.

Isn't this so Justin?! I love it. He has been in a counter-terrorism class this semester and they had a live simulation. He was randomly assigned as secretary of state and he worked with other classmates who were in other positions (President, VP, Sec. of Defense, etc.) in a simulation where they had to deal with terrorists. Anyway, he has really loved the class and his school is the only law school in the nation to offer a class like this. 


Emily said...

So funny that Molly only went after the big eggs and they ended up having the same stuff in them-lol!!! Fun, fast and free is always great :)

The changing table looks GREAT!!! Nice job!!

Niederfam said...

Ha. Love that pic of JP. Really. Awesome.

Molly's hair is VERY cute, I'm impressed, all for 9:00 church. AMAZING.

Looks like a VERY happy easter. ;)