Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Justin turns 30

This past weekend we went to Wyoming for a little r&r. Sunday was Justin's 30th birthday and he was able to get Friday and Monday off of work. Molly has this week off for spring break and so we left last Friday after Molly's preschool was over. 

We hid some eggs and had an easter egg hunt.

We let the girls go first and started with the youngest, Reese and Ali.

Then we let Molly and Laney join. 

Ali had a little bit of help from her daddy.

Molly found an egg buried in the chair and a half.

Pretty excited about all their eggs!

Getting all the candy out of the eggs.

Everyone was able to come except Justin's sister Sunny and her family. So we are 3 grandkids short in this picture.

 Then we did a little egg hunt for the two little boys, Jackson and Paxton.

Jackson started to crawl while we were there!!

 And Paxton started walking! It was quite the eventful weekend for the little boys :) Paxton is about 5 months older than Jackson. Aren't they cute?

We celebrated Justin's birthday and here is my "hole in one" rice krispy "cake" for Justin.

All of the family singing to Justin.

 Someone needed a haircut. This is Justin's brother Mark.

 Check out the mohawk!

Don't worry, it didn't last long. Poor Mark! Nice and short again.

We also went and saw the mountain goats on the way to Jackson as you start to drive up the canyon and looked at all the elk off the highway at the elk refuge. The girls loved playing with their cousins it was nice for all of us to get away for a few days.

We hope 30 is a great year for Justin! Happy Birthday honey!


emily said...

looks like it was a really fun weekend! the cake was really cool! and yay to jackson for starting to crawl. so cute.

Niederfam said...

mark's hair was AWESOME, sorry it was short lived. ;)

happy birthday JP. welcome to the thirty somethings. it's fun i tell ya

and...glad you got to getaway too. they are always nice.

Pendletons said...

It was a really fun weekend :) Thanks a bunch for all the pics, and we can't wait to get together again for memorial day!!!

Emily said...

A) Marks hair was HUGE!! I can't believe Ashley let him do that ;)

B) So many egg hunts!! Looks like fun, what cute girls!

C) I love the rice krispy cake- turned out so cute! I hope Justin appreciated all the fun birthday things you did for him!