Tuesday, March 19, 2013

St. Patrick's Day 2013

On Sunday morning we found some leprechaun footprints leading a trail to some Lucky Charms cereal. The girls were so excited that Lucky came. He left the note above with the cereal.

Usually we wear green and eat Lucky Charms, but I found a cute treasure hunt on a blog that I thought the girls would like. Found here.

 Here's Molly finding a clue.

 Getting a little help from daddy.

Finding the treasure!

They found the treasure! I love Molly's face! The treasure was little bags with skittles and some chocolate gold coins. Let me say, it doesn't take much to make little kids happy and excited. I laminated the clues so I can use them in years to come. I liked the treasure hunt because it has you go places that pretty much every house will have (the fridge, by books, a window, door, tree, etc.). Now I'm getting my Easter stuff out. Too bad it will only be up for a couple weeks. Oh well.


emily said...

so fun and cute!

Niederfam said...

Oh what a FUN mom. I died the pancake mix and their milk, so we had green pancakes and green milk! That was as exciting as we got. I should step it up! ;)

Emily said...

What a cute mom you are!! That is a fun idea :) Molly's face is darling!!

Christine said...

what fun! and very smart to laminate the clues and reuse them.