Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Weekend

We were busy this weekend! We had a lot of fun.

The slip n slide was a huge success. It really wasn't as warm Memorial Day as it had been the days before, but Molly LOVED playing on it! The water was even cold, from the hose. She's braver than me!

Saturday morning we went to a bike race for my BIL at Sugarhouse Park. It was a lot of fun. The kids loved it and it was fun for the adults to watch as well.

If I knew P was in this picture, I'd tell you where he was. But I won't lie, I have no clue if he's in this pic or not!

And if you've never seen 5 year olds play t-ball, you are missing out! This was the best entertainment on a Friday night that I've seen in a while! It was so funny to watch all the kids hit the ball, then the other team scramble to get the ball. And over and over and over. The funniest part was watching the kids that had no clue they were playing baseball.

P helped the kids out at bat. Go Mitt!


Jen said...

So fun! Molly looks darling in her sun hat...

Christine said...

How fun! Love the girls swimsuits.

Niederfam said...

Just FYI, I don't think P is in the biking picture, but a GOOD one none the less and I LOVE the picture of Mitt running like he's in the world series to first!!! THANK YOU.