Saturday, May 30, 2009

Foul ball

Last night Justin and I went to the Bee's game. Justin got some tickets from work and it happened to be military appreciation night which included a firework show! No wonder there were so many people!! Our seats were great and the best part was that Justin caught a foul ball! Literally 30 seconds before he told me he would catch me one :) We thought it was pretty funny.

The fireworks were awesome! We had to wait a bit for them to get ready for them, but it was totally worth the wait. They lost, but oh well! The rest totally made up for it!

A couple days ago I got my blog book from that I ordered! It really turned out great. If you have any desire to print your blog posts, blurb is an easy and inexpensive way to do it!


Karen said...

I just ordered my book and am excited to see what it looked like! YAY! What a neat way to journal right?! :) And good job on that foul ball!

Christine said...

Baseball games are so fun!

Niederfam said...

Way to go JP!!!!! TRUE love, right??? ;) Man of his word. Mitt is VERY impressed, and can't wait to see that ball!!!!

AND, take pictures of the book until I can see the real thing, I'm DYING to see it!!!!! GOOD WORK.

Jeff and Kathryn said...

Cool - I will have to do a book when I have more stuff on my blog.