Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Things I'm working on

I have a great big project I'm currently working on that I hope to have finished in 2 weeks! Yay! It's a surprise though, so if you don't already know what I'm talking about, you have to wait. Sorry! I hope it turns out!

I've also been working on a blog book. I've been using Blurb and its been awesome. I've just kind of been doing it here and there, but I think I will finally order it today. Last night I was working on it and Justin asked what it was. So I told him it's the blog book I had told him about (like a month before). He was like oh, that's cool! Well last month he thought it was lame, so I thought that was funny. It will be the perfect photo journal for us.

I want to make a camera bag for my new camera too, so that's another project. I found one on etsy that I like and I'm going to try to make it sometime this summer I hope!

And I'm still working on those stockings for Christmas. The cross-stitching on the one for Molly is complete, but I have to add all of the charms and I'm not quite sure how to do that yet! So I'm waiting for assistance I guess. But I did get all the materials for mine and Justin's as well. We'll see if they're done by Christmas, and I'm being serious!!

Lastly, my sisters and I are going to learn how to make those cute watches with beads. We have the watch faces and we are getting materials to make the rest. I'm excited to learn! My cousin is going to teach us and we can't wait.

I feel like I haven't shared many projects lately, so I guess that's why I'm telling you this! It's making me feel better :) ha ha! Oh and I have read a few books lately! Check them out: Under Currents by Traci Hunter Abramson (it's a series of 3 and I'm waiting for the 2nd book) and Hazardous Duty by Betsy Brannon Green. They're both by LDS authors and were much better than I expected! They're both kind of mystery/suspense/drama. There you have it! I'm done.


Brooke said...

Keeping busy! When your done with your stockigs I'll need you to start on mine! No seriously!
Molly's growin' so fast, and her photo shoot is adorable!

emily said...

awesome, i can't wait to see all the projects.

erinmalia said...

you're such a tease! i can't wait to hear about this surprise project.

i've been working on stockings too! i only have one more, well, the cross stitching left.

gosh. congrats on being so accomplished. it must feel good!

Jessica said...

I just want to say---Kris Allen. The End.