Friday, May 1, 2009


I've been meaning to get Molly's 18 month pics for quite a while now and yesterday I finally decided it was "the day". Unfortunately the Target nearest us is under construction :( so I called around and found that the kiddie kandids inside the Babies R Us by us had some openings. So that's where we went. I had never been there and they do a good job. Molly was pretty afraid actually because they put you up on this little 4 foot ledge and she wasn't so sure about it! The other bad thing was that I noticed her rubbing her eyes in her car seat on the way over. Not good when you want a cute, happy baby! After a while she was clinging onto me for dear life! She did not want to stand at all. The only way we got some good pictures was when she was sitting.

But it all worked out in the end. I decided that with fewer pictures taken, there were fewer pictures that I would want in the end. It was really nice waiting only 10 minutes for my pictures too; although they did add up really quickly and I didn't get that many. So that was the only downside as far as kiddie kandids went. Anyway, they're done and they are cute, but I don't have a scanner, so I guess if you want to see them you'll have to come over!


Christine and Seth said...

Umm, I can't come over!

Karen said...

When I went to Kiddie Kandids they gave me a number that I could type in online and view my pics there. I did that and was able to save a copy of's small, but it still worked for posting on the blog. you should try it. I think it's just your sitting number! I would LOVE to see them though. I'm sure they are great!