Sunday, March 7, 2010

Patrice and Clint

My friend Patrice's husband, Clint, was in a bad car accident last week and is in the icu. The hospital he was life flighted to doesn't accept their insurance. Their truck was totaled and it sounds like it will be considered a loss. I can only imagine what a nightmare this whole situation must be to this cute couple. I have known Patrice since elementary school and she is the happiest, bubbliest girl around. She brought us some cookie bars last week when Alison was in the hospital and I was crushed to hear this horrible news only a few days later. They have two kids and are expecting a third this summer and I'm sure they are living out their worst nightmare.

They have set up an account for donations. Many of you are friends with Patrice, but I thought even those who aren't may be interested in donating as well. To read the full account of what happened and to see how to donate, go here:

Justin and I feel so blessed that we are currently on Medicaid. There is no way we could pay for all of the care Alison has received while Justin is attending law school. My heart goes out to Patrice and Clint who must be sick thinking about the medical bills coming their way. It sounds like Clint will eventually make a full recovery, which is such a blessing! Please keep their family in your prayers!

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Niederfam said...

in our prayers for sure, thanks for the link and all the info to donate!!! so so sad, glad things are looking like EVENTUALLY all will be well!!!