Sunday, October 31, 2010

baby shower

Aren't baby showers so fun? I got to help with one this past week that was actually a double shower for two girls in our ward due around the same time. My mom helped decorate and I made some punch and a couple receiving blankets for the gifts.

Pink punch:
2 cans of rasp. lemonade (thawed)
1/2 gallon of raspberry sherbet
2 liter bottle of sprite, 7-Up or Gingerale

Put the lemonade in a large punch bowl first, then the sherbet. Add the sprite last and you're done. Easy and yummy!

Aren't these fun fabrics?

I thought the pink and black was fun since pink and brown are so in and I'm sure she got pink and brown outfits along the way!

But it was also fun to not have pink at all. With a girl, you are sure to get pink, so this was something different.

I took pics of the set up, but we are probably going to use the same stuff for my sister Emily's shower in a couple weeks, so I'll show you pics later of that!


erinmalia said...

those ARE beautiful fabrics. nice job.

Christine said...

I LOVE these blankets. I am so thrilled you told me how to make them. I use them every night for Jake.

Emily said...

I was reading this and saying, I hope she isn't giving anything away for my shower!! I figured you were smarter than mom :) I ALWAYS see my surprises by total accident! She is so funny!

Such cute projects and gifts. All the recipients of a Made by Nicole gift are lucky indeed!

Brett & Sydnie said...

Nicole I love our blanket! I also really like that its not pink, cause all of her blankets have been pink so far. Thanks so much for everything you did for the shower! It was amazing and I was really touched!