Thursday, October 28, 2010

Potty Training Update

Yesterday we needed an intervention with Molly. She had accidents all day and didn't seem to care. I asked her why she was having accidents and reminded her that we would give her a prize if she went in the potty. She said, "I already have prizes." Smart girl!

So we decided we needed to implement some consequences! We first made sure we showed her what the prizes were. She must have thought we were lying about the prizes. We also told her we would take away her new toys if she had an accident. So she had an accident after our discussion and I took the toys away. She was definitely sad.

This morning she went potty so she could get her toys back! Yes! She went potty all day long and only had a couple of small accidents. We took half of her toys away and she wanted to be sure we did in fact follow through. She is definitely getting it! Yay!! Its been a long week, but we are getting somewhere!

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Christine said...

Good work showing her the consequences. She is a smart cookie!