Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ft. Collins

After visiting Ryan and Becky, we drove north to visit our good friends Seth and Christine. We had a lot of fun!!

We ate a yummy mongolian bbq place the night we got there. The next day we checked out the Swetsville Zoo. Everything there is made from car parts! It's definitely an interesting place, but we enjoyed it!

This was one of my favorites. I love the hub caps!

On Friday we went to the butterfly pavilion. They also had a bunch of creepy crawler bugs and spiders, and some things that live in water in addition to the butterflies! We got a bit creeped out after seeing the huge cockroaches and a tarantula that some employees were holding and showing to those who wanted a close look! Yikes!

The butterflies were really cool! You walked into the atrium and it was like you were being transported to Hawaii or something, the plants were so pretty and tropical like! And it felt all humid.

We had a fun time there.

Friday night was Claire's birthday party. We were so lucky to be there for the big event!

Doesn't it look like Claire is 3 years older? She is one tall 4 year old!!

The party was a tea party and they were encouraged to dress up, so we brought the princess Aurora dress up. Christine had a crown for all the girls and they loved it!

Look at the cute cupcakes!! The crowns were rings.

And adorable goodie bags!

The girls loved it. Molly was the youngest one there, but didn't have any problem talking and mingling with the other girls. I think Molly might have thought it was again her birthday! The girls played musical chairs, Simon says and duck duck goose. Molly was hilarious. When one ofthe girls left they were playing Simon Says and Molly said to a girl, "bye Simon!" Then she said, "I hope Diana comes to my house to play!" She had so much fun!

Thanks Christine and Seth for all the fun! The only bummer of the whole trip is that Ali now thinks it's time to wake up at 4:30 am! Yikes! So we are going to be crying out a few mornings here and we are NOT looking forward to it! The girls were great we can't complain there! It was such a fun trip and we really enjoyed ourselves!

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