Thursday, October 21, 2010


I was anxious to see the doctor today to see how big my girls are getting!! The doctor just laughed when she saw Alison, she couldn't believe how big and healthy she looks!! She said she has exceeded her expectations, so I felt good about that!

Here are their stats:
Ali 18.5 lbs, 40%
Molly 30 lbs. 42%
Ali 28.94 in., 87%---yep, she's super long!
Molly 38.39 in., 79%
Ali 17.7 in., 76%
They don't measure Molly's
Molly's BMI is 14.3, 10%

Both healthy, happy girls which is the main thing.

Also, Molly has been doing leaps and bounds better with eating her dinner! I'm a bit surprised that we are still spoon feeding her pretty much every night, but she is eating the food we make for us and that's what counts! She's eaten broccoli, green beans, pork, tostadas, an egg roll, spaghetti (no, she really wouldn't eat it before), cauliflower, chili and on and on.

Next week: Potty training!! Wish me luck! I know I'll need it!!


justinwp3 said...

They not only get their good looks from their dad, but also their strong bodies! Actually, when Ali was born and skinny everybody said she looked like Nicole, but when she got chubby they said she looked like her daddy. What does that tell you?

Christine said...

Hooray for healthy girls! Molly is going to get the hang of eating, keep up the good work.

Good luck on potty training. You can do it and she seems ready!