Sunday, October 24, 2010

She needs your help!

My sister Emily has asked that I enlist your help with a contest she has entered. It's R.C.Willey's Scariest Couch contest. If her couch gets the most votes, she wins a free couch, love seat and end tables!! So she really, really wants you to vote! (Keep in mind that her hubby is finishing up his undergrad and has applied for med school next fall)

Her couch was first bought by her in-laws soon after they were first married and has been handed down to each of their married children. Her hubby is the youngest of 7, so it has been very loved! To see a picture of her couch and to vote, here is the link below. It takes about 2 seconds to vote and she would really appreciate your help!! The contest ends Friday, so please vote by then! Thanks!

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