Sunday, October 31, 2010


Happy Halloween everyone! We've had a few fun days!! I guess that's one nice thing about having Halloween on Sunday, the fun gets drawn out longer!

We went to my sister's the other night and had some fun with Molly's cousins. We had dinner, decorated cookies and watched "How To Train Your Dragon".

Molly was so excited to see Mitt and Major. We told her if she was really good going potty, she could see them. Unfortunately she had an accident there! I'm sure it was because she was having so much fun she realized too late. Oops!

Before their house, we took the girls trick-or-treating at the law school. They do it every year. They decorate the doors and hand out candy or have a bucket with candy.

Look how cute this quilt is! And even better is the bucket with candy on the chair :)

Ha, I really liked this door: I'd turn back if I were you. Danger! Beware! Dean's office.

Some professors let you into their offices.

Last night we went to a little ward party where they have a light dinner, read some Halloween books, have a little fashion show with costumes and count down to go trick-or-treating.

I even dressed up as Snow White. You can't see my red skirt, but it was my Grandma Ruth's! I think I look a bit like Katy Perry in this wig! Ha!

Isn't Molly's wig awesome? My mom found these wigs in a box at DI that she bought for $1!! We got a steal! There are 5 princess wigs in it!

Emily and Zack made a quick show at the house as thing 1 and thing 2. Lovin their blue hair!

This morning I made pumpkin pancakes. Pretty good if you like pumpkin!

Happy Halloween!


Tyler and Emily said...

You make the cutest Snow White!! I love Molly's wig, so hilarious. Hope potty training is going well...

emily said...

oh my - i so love the wigs!!! though molly practically doesn't need it with her own luscious hair! :) really, you all looked fantastic.

p.s. what pancake recipe did you use? we're making some tonite!