Tuesday, May 8, 2012

baby update

Today I'm 38 weeks. I'll spare you a picture :) I am now in the "ticking time bomb" stage as my sister refers to it! My main goal is to make it to Friday without going into labor so I can be at Justin's graduation. After that, he can come any time he wants! Well, and hopefully not past the 22nd (my due date!).

Yesterday I saw the doctor and I'm dilated to a 2 and 70% effaced. I was actually surprised that something was actually going on, not that it's a lot! But we all know that you can sit at the same stage for weeks and have nothing happen. But at least it's something for now. He asked if I wanted him to strip my membranes, but I'm a big wimp, so I said no! I'm not a fan of more pain when I know I'm in for some big pain soon!

I walked on the treadmill today for just under an hour and tonight I'm paying for it! I feel saddle sore, like I rode a horse or something, so maybe it wasn't the best idea! I've still been going to the gym 3 times a week lately. Tomorrow is my cycle class and I'm wondering if I should just do half of the class or what after being pretty sore today.

Last Friday was my last day of "work". Some of you know I've been helping out a lady's house for the past few years. It has been a GREAT job. I would go M-F when I could in the mornings, show up when I wanted and bring both girls. I did laundry (washing, drying, folding and putting away), made beds, did dishes, and just tidied up. I just kept track of my time, usually 3-5 hours a week (never more).  It was totally worth it to me and the perfect little side job. I would turn on a show for the girls while I cleaned (I know, mother of the year!) and they would watch or play with toys they found or the kitty. There are 4 kids in the family and the mom plays tennis and works out in the mornings. Her husband is a doctor, so she could afford to have someone like me come help. I wish someone would come over and do the same at my house for me, but I am so grateful that she allowed me to earn some extra money while Justin was in school. If I thought I could make it worth it with 3 kids, I would! But I have to admit, it has been nice not going this week!


Kati said...

You are so good at working out!!! That must be why you look so amazing still!
I hated it when they stripped my membranes and will never do it again...
I am glad that you had a good week without work that must feel so nice:)
Hope the babe holds out for another few days and congrats to Justin:)

Christine said...

I'm amazed that you have been working out. Good for you! I hope for your sake the little man doesn't come late, but will pray that he can hold out past Justin's graduation. He'll probably come right when he is graduating!