Sunday, May 20, 2012

Molly's art

Molly is now finished with preschool for the year and I don't think I have taken too many pictures of her artwork, so before she was done I managed to snap some pics of a few. She came home almost every day with something she had created or found (whether it was a drawing/painting/stickers, etc.).

She seems to be quite creative (from what we can tell) and loves to do any type of artwork. I'm going to have to find fun things for her to create and do this summer!

She can write her first name very well. She recognizes many letters, but I wouldn't say all yet. Sometimes she will point out a letter and say, that's ____ (letter), like my friend's name _______. She can't usually identify what letter says what sound, but we are working on that. She counts to 20, but she doesn't quite recognize on paper all numbers from 1-9 yet. I'm hoping we can work on sounds and numbers this summer and maybe writing her last name.

Molly is a very curious and interested little girl. She asks lots of questions and wants to understand things we talk about. Yesterday she brought out some water and told us we needed to "hydrate". She still enjoys playing and talking with her imaginary friends, which consist of Mimi, Dida and Kayla and Ella (these last 2 names are new!). She has Ali talking to Dida (Molly says she gave Dida to Ali) and Ali often puts Dida in time out or says she is being naughty, naughty, naughty! Oh, my girls are funny.

Molly is also into makeup recently and notices and comments on girls and women being beautiful. I can't believe it's already starting with her! She wants to wear mascara and lipstick and told my mom as we drove to graduation and she was putting on mascara in the mirror in the car, that she was "fabulous"! She comments also about how she wants to be big and older than other people. She gets upset sometimes when other kids are older than her.

As far as the baby goes, I have nothing to report. I've taken myself off of bedrest essentially since my back is feeling much better. I know that laying down wasn't helping the process of getting him here though! I got a pedicure last night hoping that might make something happen, but alas, no! Still no contractions, although in the past my water has always broken first, followed by contractions. I don't ever remember having braxton hicks with either of the girls. I go in tomorrow, the day before I'm due, and I'm hoping we can have a talk about inducing for maybe the week after? I really prefer to have everything happen naturally, but being 2 weeks over doesn't sound appealing! Molly's singing and dancing recital is this Tuesday and I didn't think I would make it, but who knows now! I just might. And that would be fine. Maybe baby boy is letting everyone have their special moment, then he will come??

Were you on time, early, or overdue with your kids? I'm interested to know! I thought with my third there was no way I would be late, but now I'm second guessing that!


emily said...

i love her artwork - so beautiful. :) and she sounds like she is doing very well with her letters and number - i'm impressed!

i was always always 7-10s early with all my kids. my 4th babe was induced 7 days early - but i had already started labor and the induction probably had just a little effect since only one dose was given.

my mom was like 3 weeks early with one of her kids and so she expected that with her next - but she was like 3 weeks late. ha! (though you might not think that's so funny at this point. . .)

Kati said...

Sounds like Molly had fun in school and her art work is cute!
Drew only came three days before due date and Kade 2 wks but Miles I was induced with. I was too impatient and like you never have really had braxton hicks or anything until my water breaks.
I am hoping to be induced with this babe too. For me it was no different then going into labor... It didn't hurt more or take longer so maybe being induced wouldn't be so bad:)

Christine said...

I think the hardest part in your case would be that you had to be prepared so early because Alison was early, then you play the waiting game. Not fun at all.

Had a dream last night that I was over at your house and your grandpa was there. We were timing your contractions and your grandpa kept saying, "see christine, isn't this fun? You really need to have another baby"

Jen said...

Yes I agree with's so hard to wait when you are thinking early! I induced with my second because I didn't want to have to wait past the date again. Best experience ever...but I know its not for everyone! You look adorable and I wish you the best in the next few weeks! What a special time:)

Meg said...

I think I will get induced with all my babes. I like feeling that control:)