Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Still waiting

I'm hoping these pictures of all of baby's stuff will entice him to come! Here is my best attempt at a "nursery". First up is the changing table. I showed you pics awhile back when I bought it and spray painted it and then I bought these totes. The colors match the colors in the quilt my mom has made for him. It is currently at the quilters and hopefully it will be done soon!

I even made labels for each of the totes so I don't have to pull out 5 each time I'm looking for something. I used scrapbook paper, a circle punch and my laminator. It was really easy and cheap.

I bought a changing pad and with leftover flannel from the baby quilt I made, I made a cover for the changing pad. They sell these for like $10 at the store. Why not use my leftovers?!

Here is the basket with his blankies.

My rocker/glider is in the corner of the room with my hospital bag on it. I still need to throw a few more things in, but I have a start.

Essentially baby gets the other side of our bedroom! Ha. How's that for a "nursery"?!! If we had another room, we would put him there, but we don't. So this will have to do! Although I'm pretty lazy when it comes to getting up at night and feeding a baby. I want to walk as little as possible to get him! He will be in the portacrib for a while, then we will switch Ali to a big girl (or toddler) bed and give him the real crib at some point.

Oh, and here's the swing, all ready to go. Notice it's standing in front of the dresser. I know. The girls try to get into every baby toy we have for him and we're worried they will break this one! We also have the bouncer ready to go. We'll see which one he likes better. Molly LOVED the bouncer. Ali loved the swing.

Then here's the quilt I made for baby! I used leftover squares from the quilts I made for my nieces and just pulled out the green, blue and white. It worked great! Then my mom found the two flannel borders and I used a white satin binding.

It is super soft!! And I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I quilted it with my sewing machine.

The back is also flannel. It says baby all over in white (it's a bit hard to tell).

I had to learn how to miter the corners (fold the corners) with the satin binding (the edge). I decided instead of having my mom teach me, I could use youtube! And that's exactly what I did. It worked great! I played the video while I sewed on my machine.

If you're wondering, this is what I see when I look down. Actually, I can't see my toes. But I moved in this pic so you could get a better idea.

39 weeks. Come on baby!!

I had my hair done yesterday. It's getting pretty blond! I think this is as blond as I will take it, then I'm gonna start heading darker. Isn't hair fun? I love changing it up! I know some people don't, but it's fun to me :)

I saw the doctor today and there is no new progress. I'm still at a 2 and 70% effaced. I even went to Zumba this morning!! All for nothing. Ha. Just kidding. I let him "sweep my membranes" (as he calls it) which I was really scared to do, but actually him checking my cervix was more uncomfortable. Let's hope it works! A week from today is my due date, May 22nd. I hope he decides to come before! My back is sick of holding him up!


Emily said...

It is all darling- and I think real nursery's are overrated! For the first little bit they are always in mom and dad's room!! I love the little tags you put on the bins- they look great!!

I'm sorry your back is hurting from baby boy!! I guess either your back or your arms will be hurting huh?! Can't wait to meet this little guy!! And you still look fabulous for 39 weeks, of course!

emily said...

it looks like a perfect little nursery spot!

you still look beautiful.

and that quilt is adorable.

you're amazing. :)

Kati said...

You are so organized! I love all the fun boy things and the bins are so cute I may have to steal that idea:)
You look amazing and zumba wasn't all for nothing once that little man comes you will be back to your little self because of it.
I hope having a sweep helps:)

Karen said...

The quilt is adorable. Sorry he isn't coming yet. I love that you are still working out. You are quite the trooper.

Anonymous said...

And by the way, the girls LOVE their little blankets from you! They sleep with them every night still. Thinking of you and hoping you an early delivery!

Justin Mandy and Girls said...

Nicole you look amazing! I'm sure your SO ready to be done, but you dont look uncomfortable one bit! Good luck with #3, your girls are adorable and im sure this baby will be one handsome little man! Lucky you :)maybe some day i will join the Baby boy club! Congrats early!!

Laura said...

I LOVE all the baby stuff!! It is so cute. The end is in sight!! I feel like the last couple weeks is super hard, so hang in there. You look so good too. Make sure you let me know when he comes because I want to come visit and bring some dinner. Good luck girly!! Love ya.