Saturday, May 12, 2012

Law School Graduation!

He did it!!! Yesterday Justin graduation from law school. Here he is having his name read.

Shaking hands with faculty. The graduation was really nice. It ended early, which is always nice, and the speakers were all very good. They had 3 student speakers, the dean spoke, and a keynote speaker (a woman who graduated from the U's law school and has done some great things in her life).

Proud daughters!! The girls were actually very good during the whole ceremony. Good thing I had about 4 granola bars in my bag!

Justin with his parents.

His grandparents also traveled down from Star Valley to attend.

With my parents.

His "hood". The purple if for law and the red and white for school colors.

This may be the one and only time you see Justin standing by a red U with a smile on his face :) ha!

The graduation took place here, inside Kingsbury Hall. It was such a beautiful day. They had a reception after outside on the lawn, across the street from the building. They had a light lunch for everyone.

We are so proud and excited for Justin! What a huge accomplishment. We are so excited for this next part in our lives and to be done with homework, finals, class and textbooks!! We are also grateful that baby boy decided to let Justin have his own day and hope he will soon make his debut!

We had a really nice dinner last night at a steakhouse downtown with our parents and Justin's grandparents. It was yummy food and we had a nice time together. Congratulations Justin!


Kati said...

Congrats Justin!!! How exciting to be done:) I love him next to the U with a big smile, I think it suits him well!
You look so good Nicole and you made it to his graduation so now the babe can come:0

Karen said...

Congrats to Justin! That is an awesome accomplishment. I also like his big smile next to the U and agree with might as well become Utah fans!

Emily said...

What an exciting day for all of you! We know that Justin worked very hard to get to this moment! Looks like a fun day was had by everyone!! Hooray for no more homework and tests and papers!!! Yay!!

Meg said...

Congratulations Justin!!

Laura said...

Congrats Justin and you (it is definitely hard on the wife too!) That is awesome to be done. I love it!!!