Friday, May 25, 2012

Molly's Spring Recital

Molly's recital was on Tuesday night. I put a bit of mascara on and some lipstick and she was thrilled! Hence, her big huge smile here! And no, this isn't a costume, just what she's wearing over her leotard and tights.

I scanned this picture, so it's not the best, but she was given this picture with a bag of treats after her performance.

Here is the program from her recital. She was in 5 numbers. The opening and closing numbers with all of the girls, then 3 class numbers: You Can Fly, Edelweiss (she sang her solo for this song), and Bushel and a Peck (which she sang to Justin on stage).

I would like to tell you how much I loved it, but I wasn't there. I had some water leaking on Tuesday afternoon and just ignored it because I didn't have it happen again, but after talking to the nurse, she convinced me to go check it out. So of course I missed the recital and it was a false alarm :( I was so so bummed! But Justin recorded her songs and I got to see them, so that was good.

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