Monday, May 7, 2012

Kentucky Derby party

Justin's brother Scott, and his wife, Brooke, have been planning a Kentucky Derby party for months (they don't have any link to the race or the state, but they have just always thought it would be fun). I was asked to bring a dessert, so I brought these cupcakes. I found the toppers and cupcake recipe (it's a spinoff of a kentucky derby pie) for free online at Mirabelle Creations. Aren't they so cute?

We had quite the spread of food too! It was all very yummy! Lemonade/limeade and mint julep! (It was all very festive!!)

Here was the centerpiece with the prizes!

The delicious fruit my mil fixed up.

Here's Brooke, the hostess! She even bought a horse balloon!

Back to the food...all spread out on the counter. We wrote up labels that came from the Mirabelle Creations as well.

Our little munchins (with cousins)! Reese, Molly, Laney and Ali.

The rest of the party attendees. Everyone was asked to dress up. It was really fun!

We drew names from a hat and this is who I drew. Lucky me, my horse WON!! It was so exciting!! I will be honest and tell you that I had only heard of a couple of the horses before we actually watched the race, this horse not included! The kids even got to draw so they were cheering for their horses too.

Justin picked Bodemeister, who was one of the frontrunners. He was in first place the whole time until my horse took him in the last few seconds!! So thrilling!! Justin claims that's how his life is. I always win in the end :) ha ha, well, maybe!

Here we are in our derby gear!! Don't you love my hat?! I borrowed it from my mom's friend who collects hats! We borrowed Justin's hat from a friend (thank you Sara!) and we had the girls hats already.

I won the prize for best hat!! Woohoo! My mil took 1st place and my sil Ashley took 2nd! I borrowed Ashley's hat from a friend as well (thanks Jane!).

Here are all the winners. They had prizes for fastest horse, slowest horse, hats and a trivia game.

Me with my prizes! A trophy and a sash! It was quite the winning day for me :) ha ha! We had so much fun. A big thanks to Scott and Brooke. They say they want to make it into a yearly tradition. Sounds good to me! It was so fun having everyone dress up. Even the guys went all out. Parties are more fun if you dress up, don't you think?!


erinmalia said...

what a hat! i love that party hat! (hee hee) but what a fun idea. congrats on all your winnings!

emily said...

oh my, what fun! i totally love it. way to create a fun derby party.

Kati said...

Any excuse to have a party:) What a great idea, it looked like tons of fun!

Emily said...

Lucky day for you indeed!! I'm loving all the hats they look great- esp. on your little girls, so cute!!! Hooray for winning :)

Meg said...

that looks like so much fun!