Thursday, June 24, 2010

Father's Day

We celebrated a fun Father's Day! We were lucky to have Todd, Grandpa Galbraith, and Natalie and Preston and their kids all over for dinner.

A happy picture of Majey (as Molly calls him) and Molly (you don't always see this!!)

Molly was quite interested in the sand
while the boys were loving the swings

Mitt is getting so big and grown up!
Todd wearing his classic favorite hat!
Look how sweet this is. Emery and two of her grandpas! Happy Father's Day you two!
Mmmmm enjoying some yummy home-made ice cream! Can't beat it!
Happy Father's Day Justin! (Sorry, Molly didn't get a nap if you didn't notice) He is such a wonderful dad. The girls love him. Alison always looks around when she hears his voice and smiles so big when he looks and smiles at her. Molly always asks "where's daddy?" and says, "he's my best friend"! We all love you!

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