Friday, June 18, 2010

Photo overload

Here is more of my homework. One assignment was to photograph a day in the life of _______ (fill in the blank with a person or object of your choice). So I chose Miss Molly.

This week we worked on composition (or in other words, photos that are interesting...lines, shapes, colors, etc.)

Can you guess where these were taken? Wheeler Farm.

The other day we went to the zoo with some friends. We had a fun time!
Look how cute these brothers are! I couldn't get Molly to get closer to them!

Some more composition pics taken at the park.

My sister Emily as the beautiful model for this one :)

And then a week ago my friend Christine was in town and agreed to take some family pics! Thanks so much Christine! Here are a few. We are going to visit her in a few months and I hope that I know enough of what I'm doing so I can take some pictures for her if she wants!

Last, but not least, a pic of Alison taken today. Five months old.
I hope you can see that I've been having fun! I haven't taken a real "class" since college I don't think. It's nice to be challenged once in a while and have to learn new things!


Karen said...

Very cute pictures! You are doing great! Christine's pics are very cute too.

Niederfam said...

Excellent, you are quite the Photog now, really. I'm impressed, you've got the "eye" ;) Jealous too.

CUTE family photos and I LOVE the new blog look. Darling little family.

emily said...

wow, such great photos - all of them! i love them so.

Christine said...

It is nice to have a challenge once in awhile. I did a head swap with the picture on your blog header so Ali is actually looking at the camera.

Nicole said...

OOh!! Thanks Stine! I will re-load that one!

Brooke said...

So great! I love the one of Molly looking in the mirror!

Wendy said...

Nice pictures!!!! And I love how your family pics turned out! So cute!