Thursday, June 24, 2010

Provo Cabin

We spent a couple of hours here last weekend...

Isn't it a cute cabin?! I love that my grandma bought the property while her husband was off to war for around $50! My grandpa and great grandpa built it and it is still in working condition!

The creek runs behind the cabin. Luckily it wasn't too high while we were there.

Grandpa would get a bunch of pinecones together for Molly to throw in. She thought it was the greatest game.

Molly is grandpa's pal!

Here's the little bridge and the little waterfall. Don't worry, my dad was here and she didn't make it over :)
Wishing I had a zoom lens...

They added an extension to the cabin and it included one extra room on the 2nd floor. This little bed is in that room and Molly thought it was "her bed".

It was the perfect size for her! Both of my grandpas came with us and my parents. We ate dinner and my mom had brought some things to re-decorate. Molly loved the cabin. We need to get up there more often! It's up past Sundance in Provo Canyon. So beautiful right now! I haven't been up in a couple of years and was really sad that the neighbors tire swing is no longer there :( I LOVED that swing when I was little!


erinmalia said...

that place looks adorable! i didn't know your other grandparents had it. lucky you!

emily said...

wow, i love it! i want it. :) it's adorable and in such a great spot. i'm glad you and your sweet family got to enjoy it!