Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Weekend

I hope you had a nice Memorial Day weekend! We headed up to Wyoming to visit family and had a good time. I wouldn't say great because somebody didn't sleep well AT ALL and was FUSSY most of the time! And I'm not talking about Justin!! :) Poor babies. At least I only had one baby and one toddler.

Lucky for us, we got to see the triplets!! Justin's sister has three adorable girls, Mckenna, Madison and Carly. We haven't seen them since they were about 2 1/2 pounds in the nicu in Boise, ID a year ago.

Justin and Mckenna. Kenna is the smallest. She is so cute and always has a little smile on her face as she gazes at things!

Here is grandma with Madison! Maddy is a mover and a shaker! She can crawl and pulls herself up to things. The others aren't quite at her speed yet, so we are always watching for where she has gone. (However the other two are mastering their army crawl!)

Carly. What a cutie! Ok, well they all are! She was always really content! She loves shoes, laces and to be held! As long as she was being held, she looked like she does in this picture.

Molly had fun playing with the girls. They are at the fun stage where they just lay around and a toy is anything they can get their hands on! So fun.

Carly also loved my necklace! It was a big hit amongst the grandkids...I guess I should say granddaughters!

Here they all are! 6 girls. Left to right: Molly, Laney, Alison, Maddy, Carly and Mckenna.

Of course on Monday, the day we were leaving, the sun finally came out and it was nice enough to go outside!! Molly had some fun on the four wheelers!

Us outside just chilling.

Molly and Laney had their good and bad moments! Molly has definitely gotten better at sharing, but of course there is still a long ways to go!!
This is everyone minus Kyle, Sunny and Justin. We also went to visit a few graves but I didn't take any pictures-oops.
While there, we enjoyed lots of family time (including extended who visited as well), games, little sleep, good food and lots of watching babies!!

We don't have another trip planned until July and we are soo hoping that Alison will cooperate better then! Hope you enjoyed your weekend!


emily said...

such cute babes! all of them!!!

and i love the bookshelf - fab for sure!

Karen said...

trips and babies is a hard combination. Hopefully they do better now that they are home! It looks like you guys had fun though.

Meg and Colby said...

Looks like fun...minus the no sleep of course. Sorry about that!

Sunny said...

Those are the cutest triplets I have ever seen! Ha ha! Just a little biased...so fun and so good to see you guys! It might take us a week to recover though... :)

Brooke said...

Sounds fun! It doesn't seem that long ago that she had the triplets! WOW! Where has that year gone!

Melissa said...

My kids have all hated the car for about the first year. I try to avoid long drives. It looks like you had fun once you got there.