Tuesday, June 15, 2010

round 3

We are on antibiotics for the third time in a month's span for yet another ear infection! This time it was again the left ear (left ear, then both ears, now the left again). They say each time you get an ear infection you get a stronger version of the medicine. The doctor said if she gets one again, we should get tubes. Poor thing!

Today we went to the zoo with some friends. It was really busy, but the weather was warm with a nice breeze, so it wasn't so bad. The kids rode the carousel and Molly was too scared to ride on one of the animals on her own. This whole heights thing is just crazy! She still cries whenever I put her up on a changing table. I wonder if she will grow out of it to an extent or if it will stay with her.

Justin has started a class for spring and is still working for a judge for the rest of the summer. The judge is a criminal judge so he goes to hearings for criminals and also sees some divorce cases once in a while. He has also written a memo for the judge and done a few other projects.

I have a bunch of pictures, but I have to load them first! I'm enjoying my photo class. I'm in week 2 (of 4) and this week we are talking about taking interesting pictures. Last week was on exposure, f-stop, aperture, and shutter speed. It's going to take a lot of practice before I really know what I'm doing, but I figure if I learn now, this is something I can do forever (my grandma would be so proud of me! she was always taking pictures...she was ahead of her time as my mom would say). Anyway, I don't claim to know a whole lot, so don't judge me if the pictures I post aren't great yet!!


Christine said...

I'm so sorry about Alison! Poor thing.

Erin Hatch said...

I can relate with the ear issues. If I were you I would almost be wishing for one more infection (as awful as they are!) just to get the tubes. Seth got an infection with EVERY cold until he got the tubes. It's not a big deal to get them either--took less than an hour. They put him to sleep to do it and he didn't even notice a difference after. I hope she gets feeling better soon!

Niederfam said...

I know poor little Ali. Good things she's a TOUGH cookie! ;)

AND......I won't judge you too harshly on the photos, so LOAD THEM......I want to see all of the GREAT things you are learning, so I can blow the dust off my camera and start my own class!!!!! ;)

Brooke said...

No fun! My neighbors had to put tubes in all 4 of her kids!

Jen said...

I'm sorry bout Ali! Poor gal:) I can't wait so see your pics though..I'm learning a lot bout that stuff too:)