Monday, November 1, 2010

Need your opinion

Justin and I are looking to get another car and get rid of ours. We have been trying to sell ours for about a month and a half or so. It's not going so great! But we have slowly lowered it and hopefully soon we can ditch it.

That being said, we are thinking of getting a Toyota 4Runner. We haven't ever personally had one, but we hear good things about them. We are looking for a used one with a 3rd row. No, I don't have an announcement but we are thinking we will sometime have at least one more child! The great thing is that there are two seats in the far back but you can attach them up to the sides so you have more room when you're not using them (sorry for the bad explanation).

Well we've found one that we really like that is in our price range with everything we want (well, of course we don't want all the miles but that's what it's gonna have to be given our price range!!).

Up next is where I'm wanting your thoughts. Just for fun, I looked up a Toyota Sienna, aka the Swagger Wagon. If you don't know what I'm talking about, please put that in youtube and you will find out!! So please tell me why is there such a stigma with minivans? Maybe because they aren't the best looking thing ever? And if you have a minivan, I mean no disrespect here at all! I am almost considering one myself! But I have such a hard time imagining myself driving one!! Am I totally vain or what? But they are so PRACTICAL!! Who wouldn't want a dvd player, headphones, navigation, and sliding doors? I mean seriously!! How sweet is all of that? The other kicker is that I found them in our same price range with half the miles and only about a year old or so (depending on all the features of course).

One thing to keep in mind is that we do drive in our fair share of snow. And WY is a pretty snowy place where they often DO NOT plow the roads! For real!! So that is a consideration and another reason we like the 4Runner.

Ok so now give it to me. Thoughts, feelings, what would you do?!! What do you think of vans? What would you think of me if I drove one? Keep in mind it's not just me that has a sort of issue with them. Justin does too!


Meg and Colby said...

My sis-in-law owns the Toyota Sienna and absolutely LOVES it. She had to talk my brother-in-law into getting it for her because it was a "minivan" but it is so practical! They live up Emigration Canyon, with lots of snow, and she still loves it. So, I don't know if this helps, but I would not judge you at all if you got one. They seem like such a nicer car for the price, I'm just sayin'....

Karen said...

I would still love you if you drove a Minivan. They are practical, but ugly! :) I won't ever drive one, but that's just me. I also don't love the way a 4Runner drives. I test drove one before I bought my Pilot and didn't love it, but that's my opinion. I do love the look of a 4Runner though. The minivan sounds like a better option in my opinion, you just have to decide how much you care about the "stigma" of a minivan! :)

Sunny said...

Hmmm... well 4Runner's are expensive... I bet you could get a Tahoe or Expedition for about the same price...why don't you just pick a bigger vehicle then you can plow the snowy roads!! Kyle says just buy a suburban and put a plow on the front! ha ha!
In defense of a minivan (I hate them and will never own one first off) but you will have more cargo room than when you have that third seat up in a 4Runner (you pretty much will have no room with the third seat up). But there's not a lot of cargo room with the third seat up in a tahoe either can fit three car seats across in the second row, just ask me, I know! In the end, it's up to you what you would be happy with and I wouldn't worry about who judges you in a minivan, it really shouldn't matter what anyone drives... tell that to my brother too would ya?

Laura said...

Good luck with that... Tyler says a 4-runner. I don't love minivans, but let's be honest. They seem great for families and way roomie. Let us know what you decide!

Christine said...

Halloween looked great and of course Miss Molly is an adorable princess. Good work pulling off the snow white costume.

I am with you, i've never ever wanted to drive a minivan, but I think I might eventually. They really are very practical with so much room.

Becky said...

I know what you mean about Wyoming roads. Although they DO plow them -- they just use sand instead of salt, so the snow gets packed down instead of dissolving... But having lived there, I'd say it is more critical to have the right kind of tires, not necessarily the right kind of vehicle.

Vans look so much better than they used to, I think. It sounds like a great option, and you would definitely get more for your money! You just need to decide what you really want. Good luck!! I know it is tricky.