Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Baby Jesus

Setting the record straight--

Molly picked up baby Jesus from my nativity this morning and said, "baby Jesus is a girl."

Me: Baby Jesus is a boy actually.

Molly: No, baby Jesus is A GIRL! You silly!

Me: Ok, baby Jesus is a girl.

Also, Molly for the past few days has been calling me "Mu-thy" as in "Mother" but she can't say her r's. And it's kind of bothering me! Mother sounds old, doesn't it?! I'm not that old! I'm a mom, a mommy, and a mama, but mother just doesn't seem to fit me ;) even though, technically, I am her mother! Maybe it's weird to me because my FIL calls his mom, Mother (and she is in her 80s). Who knows. But I'd like to be mom, mommy, or mama please!


Emily said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha. This just made my morning. Oh she is so funny.

How dare you tell her that baby Jesus is a boy!

Niederfam said...

Still laughing at cute Molly............;)

AND, yeah, I think it would bug me if my kids called me mother too!!! So be thankful she can't really say her r's---right?? I guess she could be calling you "Nicole" which is worse????

Nicole said...

Good point! Ha! Yes, Nicole would bother me too. But I think Mother beats it! :)

Jen said...

Hehe that's awesome Molly! If it makes you feel any better Nicole, Ari calls me Jen...I'd take Mother any day! And I LOVE the fall family pics...great idea switching with your sis.