Friday, November 12, 2010

So ridiculous

While reading my google reader the other day, I read a new post on a blog I really enjoy reading, The Idea Room ( She has a guest blogger who is a photographer who shares posts once in a while about different subjects in photography. She has really great advice and I'm always interested to read the topics she shares. Well this week she posted about family pictures: finding a photographer, what to wear, etc.

I happened upon this grouping of clothes:

And instantly I was in love with this skirt for women (ok the whole outfit, but especially the skirt!). I mean, is it adorable or what? I want it!

So what did I do? Well there was nothing in the post saying where it was from (of course!). So the next logical thing is to email this photographer, which I did. She says that it was from another photographer about a year ago. Dang!

But I still want the skirt! So I ask if there's any way she (this photographer) can find out who it is and I'll contact them. Wouldn't you do that? I'm thinking maybe a lot of people wouldn't go to the work. Most people would let it go.

What do I do? I still look for it! I am googling anything I think can help me find it. Nothing! I also go to every store imaginable online and find nothing!! Drat! Well Justin decides to help me out and can you believe it? He FINDS IT! He used google images (which I did too!) and finds it miraculously, including where it's from!! (side note: I am like the queen of googling, really. At least I like to think so :)

Yay!! I'm getting so excited, right? Wrong! The skirt comes from Jane Norman. Did I mention it's in the UK? Well, it is!! But does THAT stop me? Nope! I fill out my info and send a message asking about the skirt and do they possibly have ANY left?? When I tried to pull the skirt to the website to find the item, it said it was out of stock. So I'm guessing it's totally gone and there isn't anymore hope. But I have a very, very small ounce of hope that maybe, just maybe, they have one lying around.

Wish me luck will ya?! I'm crazy, right?! But hey, I am persistent! And I will let you know what I hear!

P.S. If you too, are interested in some of these items (taking into consideration that this post with these items was from March of this year), here is the link that tells you where each piece is from:

P.P.S Yes, I did also look for some similar fabric to possibly consider making one for myself. But why would I make one when it's so cute already made for me??! And there wasn't any fabric I could find that was similar. Boo!


erinmalia said...

oh i think that's awesome. good luck!

Karen said...

Definitely a cute skirt! I also like to think I am the queen of google! Can we share the title? I'm pretty darn good at finding things for people! :)

Wendy said...

That is funny! Persistence is a great quality to have! I'm one of those lazy people that would've given up. :)

Niederfam said...

Remember I'm in LOVE too, we'll figure something out, it'll be our Christmas Miracle......

YAY for your new pic, I LOVE it.