Thursday, November 4, 2010

Common Courtesy

Is there such thing as common courtesy anymore? Sometimes I'm not so sure! I have had a few big incidents with this lately. At least I think they are. I will just share one.

I had a girl call the other day about our car. She wanted to come by and drive it. I said sure. She wanted to come on Tuesday around 6 or 6:30 pm. I cleaned the car for an hour and a half (no joke). I washed the outside and inside, and vacuum really well. My mom is watching my girls while I clean since Justin's at school. Well at about 6:30 I call her and ask if I have time to vote before she comes over. She says yes, so I go vote. I hear nothing else from her. At 7:45 I finally call her to see what the deal is. I leave a message and just ask if she's interested or not, and to let me know either way. She calls back and says she is, and wonders if she can come the next night at the same time. I say sure. The time comes and goes again and I hear NOTHING.

Now is it just me, or is that TOTALLY RUDE?! I mean seriously. Just send me a text and say never mind. Not interested! It doesn't hurt my feelings at all, but you are WASTING MY TIME! Not only did I clean it and get it ready for you, but I made myself available both nights and you didn't have the decency to say you weren't coming. I also had to go get the car. We had it parked on a busy road so people could see it, and we went and picked it up and brought it to the house.

Keep in mind this happened before with someone else who had called on the car. And I had cleaned it all that time too. No word. They just didn't show.


emily said...

oh nicole i SO know what you are going through! we listed a bunk bed for sale - i had some lady come over, totally interested and totally wanted it, said she'd call that nite - nothing. ever. another lady - same thing like you. said she'd come over at 2:30, so i get jonas up early from his nap (on a day when all my kids were napping at the same time, which hardly ever happens) - and a no show. no call, no nothing. so mad!

so sorry to go off, but it's totally frustrating i know. perhaps there are a lot of people that simply don't have common courtesy.

good luck, though!

Karen said...

I know what you are going through too! We had a lot of no shows with our house up for sale. I hated the fact that I had to make it clean and spotless and leave my house for and hour (or more) to have no one show up. It is definitely frustrating.

Emily said...

Very annoying for sure! People really don't have common courtesy. Here is my gripe story:

I get to school in the morning and all the good faculty parking spots are gone so I have to park way further down (still in a faculty spot....but like 8 stalls further down than usual). Come to find out I'm parking further down than students since they haven't been patrolling the lots at all! Stupid kids! Also, I had to haul in about 9 bags of groceries and I try to do this all in one trip. Hi, I'm pregnant its freezing and I have a million groceries. You would think the boys literally 1 step behind me would open the door. Nope- they let me take care of that. Are you kidding me?! Teach your kids some manners!

erinmalia said...

i'm glad to hear this is happening in utah. i thought it was an east-coast thing. but oh yes, it's happening. rudeness is everywhere.

Christine said...

you know me, I HATE it when people waste my time. I would seriously be livid. So sorry. People are just plain inconsiderate