Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Picky picky

First off, we sold our car! Yeah! One less thing to worry about!!

Moving on to a vent session for a minute. Yesterday I asked one of the boys we're watching what they all like for dinner since I was going to the store. He says they all like hard shelled tacos. I think, ok, simple enough. So that's what I make for dinner tonight. Well the other two brothers see what we're having and say, we don't like tacos! Seriously? Seriously? The youngest had cereal and the other decided that he did like the hard shell kind after all. But even Molly, who I know is picky, ate hers!! I think these kids are trying to get away with anything they can and it's driving me nuts! I know their parents don't cater to their every desire!

I have to be on them for everything! I ask them to do their homework and they stall and distract themselves and every minute I'm saying, do your homework. What are you doing? Ahh! It didn't help when I put Ali near the table at dinner and she pushed over the pitcher full of water and it got EVERYWHERE. Not a happy mommy! And Justin was at class. The money always sounds so good BEFORE we watch the kids. After I'm wondering if it's worth it! The end. For today.


Karen said...

Oh babysitting! I had to harp on my nephews so much when I babysat for Becky earlier this year. It's crazy! Good luck. I hope you are done with it soon.

emily said...

yeah, i don't do the best with other people's kids. these ones sound tough, too! but hang in there! how old are they? and hopefully their parents don't read your blog. :) not that you're saying anything the parents probably don't already know. . . :)

erinmalia said...

my sister and i are very similar: other peoples' kids? blech. :) i don't know that i could do what you're doing. hang in there!

Christine said...

Umm, the money would never be worth it for me to watch someone else's kids!