Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Recap

We had a wonderful, small Thanksgiving this year. It was nice having a small group! Especially since that meant we had lots of leftovers!

Here is the spread. My mom set the table the day before. She is a star when it comes to entertaining. Every little detail is accounted for.

Even Molly had a special turkey plate and cup!

Here's my mom, working on the rolls.

We had apple, pumpkin and chocolate pie. Just because there's only 8 of you doesn't mean you can't have lots of choices!!

I made rainbow jello. I am a huge fan! My aunt Susan made it whenever we'd get together on my mom's side back in the day. Now that side is way too big to all get together anymore. I made this the day before and it practically took me all day with the different distractions and waiting for each layer to set! But soooo worth it!

The famous rolls! If you haven't tried my mom's rolls, you are missing out! They practically melt in your mouth. We eat them like candy!

This is what Ali was doing while we were eating :) Very festive in her turkey bow!

The group, minus Ali. We were lucky to have Grandpa Watkins with us!

He had a sampling of all three pies with ice cream of course! I get my love of ice cream from this man right here!

Molly was so shy at first with grandpa, but she finally came around and had so much fun with him! He loved it. It was so cute! She even went with to take him home to Orem. I guess she wanted to go in to his place and play with his toys!

We have so much to be grateful for this year! The gospel, family and friends, food, clothing, shelter, and so many comforts and conveniences that make life easier to name a few. Happy Thanksgiving!


Christine said...

Hooray for Justin's job. We saw him on his way home and he sure did look spiffy!

I love discovery museums. I miss the one in Virginia so much! I wish the Denver one was closer

Thanksgiving looked great. That rainbow jello is pretty intense! Sad we didn't get to see you and the ponies :(

Laura said...

Maybe you could share the roll recipe? I have to bake rolls on Sunday...