Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's true

Justin started his job today! It seems like he's all grown up, but I guess that will really seem true when he isn't in school (and when we no longer live in my parent's basement!). Let's hope we get there!!

Anyway, like I was saying, Justin went in this morning and got the grand tour and met everyone at the firm. He said everyone seems really nice. And he even has his OWN office! Wow, fancy shmancy!! With a big 'ole desk, chair and they just set him up with a new computer! The royal treatment for sure :)

He said he sat down and was about to start working on some homework when he had 3 attorneys come in and give him assignments (on 3 different areas of law--he's thinking he will learn a lot)! So much for homework!! He only stayed a few hours since he has oral arguments today, but Friday he will probably put in a full day since he has no school. Yay for a job!

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