Sunday, November 7, 2010

What's new

Well we have a few things going on as of the past few days. Justin had a job interview on Friday with a law firm. He thought the interview went well. It would be as a clerk. They have about 14 lawyers and he would get to be the clerk for all of them. They are over all of the pre-paid legal for UT and WY. It would be so great for Justin because there is a huge range of law that they cover.

Also, we think we might have sold our car! We had a girl call Friday and wanted her dad to come look at the car on Saturday morning. What do you know, he actually showed up! And he called to say he would be later than we planned. His daughter was working, which is why he came for her, but she is planning on coming tomorrow after she's been to the bank! We hope this is it so we don't have to worry about that part anymore! Then we will be the ones with the ball in our court! We are still considering a 4Runner, but sorry, we ruled out the van. We figure if we don't love it, we can't buy it. I have no disrespect for van owners! The sliding doors are very much to be desired! We have recently been looking into Acura MDX's. We were surprised to find that they fit in our price range and have 7 seats, with the back two seats that fold down flat. Our neighbor was nice enough to drop off her MDX and we drove it around to test it out and we like it. We have another neighbor who just bought one and is in roughly the same boat as us. So we'll see!

Last thing is we have 3 more children this week! We are again babysitting three boys in the neighborhood that we watched over a year ago for a week. Their parents are enjoying Mexico, so lucky! But with the boys in school, it shouldn't be too bad. We started Saturday morning and have to be pretty firm so they know where we stand, but they are figuring out what we expect of them.

Funny story. Last night we turned the lights off (when the parents told us to) and said ok, time for bed! The middle boy says, "I'm hungry. Can I get something to eat?" We say, uh, no! It's time for bed! He says, "Didn't my mom tell you that I get some weird pains at night sometimes when I'm hungry?" I say, no. She didn't! He wasn't very happy when Justin told him to go to bed or no video games the next three days! Pretty sure he said, "You are such a jerk!" And slammed the door :) Gotta love kids! Especially ones you haven't trained!! I'm glad that Justin has been here all day Saturday and today since the next four nights he won't be home until around 7 or 8.


Jeff and Kathryn said...

Get a 4 Runner!! We are still driving the one I had when I was 16 and I have NEVER had one problem with it, even after being in an accident. The only thing I've ever had to do are the usual maintenance stuff - new tires, oil, etc. You won't regret it! (other than maybe horrible gas mileage)

Emily said...

Oh I hope they buy your car- that would be so wonderful :) Keep us posted.

If they did buy the car, when would you make your purchase? Pretty soon I'm guessing...the Acura sounds pretty sweet to me! You'd be riding in style!

I can't believe the boys said that to you!! Was it Ryan? I still think of those kids as like 4 years old- how old are all their boys now?

Meg and Colby said...

Brekke is selling her Acura MDX if you are interested. It is red and she loves it to death and is very sad to sell it. Let me know if you are interested or not.

Christine said...

Hooray for selling your car (I hope it did work out)