Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Today Molly started a singing and dancing class! It's once a week for an hour. Molly's teacher is Miss Tricia, who is darling, and she has the cutest little studio in her basement where she teaches. Today I stayed and watch but I think from now on I will just drop her off and let her do her own thing! She is becoming so grown up!

If you want some entertainment watch these little girls! They were so funny and cute! They danced for the first half hour, then sang for a little bit and finished with a freeze dance (where they dance and then the song has them freeze). Molly was trying to figure everything out, while looking at herself in the mirror the whole time!! Too funny! A couple of other girls that she now goes to primary with (first day was Sunday! She looooved it!) also signed up for the class.

She's the farthest girl on the right--not great at following directions, but hopefully she'll get there! Like I said, she loved looking in the mirror!

The girls standing on their "x's". Molly already loves it! It was so cute and fun and I'm excited to see her learn new things!

Also, Molly lately has started to say, "What the...." followed by a pause. Not quite sure where she learned that! And that's all she says. "What the!" I'm guessing she learned it from a friend's sibling?? Oh and she started primary, like I said, and today I heard that she was all over this little boy!! Like hugging him and sitting real close, and giving him kisses on the cheek! Oh dear!! It's starting VERY early!! I have never seen her do that! I have no idea if she was putting on a show because other kids were watching or what! Silly, silly girl!!


emily said...

oh how sweet and fun! emmy would die to take a dance class, i'm sure.

and, whoa, molly - kissing in church? sheeesh. :) silly and adorable.

erinmalia said...

oh my. that is so cute!

Christine said...

So so so so fun! I am jealous Claire can't take from Trish. I loved the pic of Molly looking at the mirror. Sweet thing

Niederfam said...

so cute.....i can't wait to come to the performance!!!!

as for being "all over" a little boy in primary, maybe it's because my boys are all over her when she's around.....too funny. ;)

Jane and Stuart said...

Too cute! I love all of the different outfits. Molly is so cute! I can't wait to put Abby is a dance class.