Friday, January 7, 2011

ksl classifieds

Oh ksl classifieds, how we love and hate you! We love you because we put up my guitar (that I got for my birthday in college and used for a class, then haven't done anything with since) up for sale last night and it was sold by about 10 am this morning! Wow! Also, we had our car up for sale and though it took a while, it eventually sold, thanks to ksl.

Also on the good side, Justin has sold phones of his and bought new ones found on ksl. It's great and for the most part, it is a convenient system. And hey, I got a swing that normally sells for $150 new for $40 used, and that has been worth every penny!

You can also find some amazing deals. Not on everything, but if you're looking, sometimes things will be so dang cheap! Like the dresser my sister found on ksl for like 40 bucks or something. Pure wood! And in pretty good condition!

On the other hand, I hate you because every few months my hubby has this addiction that he likes to put anything up for sale that has been awhile since we used, like my wedding dress for example! Yes, it's true, it's currently on ksl. I just couldn't justify keeping it when it's not like one of my daughters will for sure want to use it/wear it one day. Because honestly, what are the chances they would? Do you still have your dress? What are you planning to do with it? I've seen some people use them to make blessing dresses for their babies, but how can you cut it apart? Ahh! That just feels wrong to me! My mom still has hers and I think they only time I've seen it come out of her closet was for a YW activity. And that was just once. I figure if someone else wants my dress and can use it, then I can part with it so it doesn't sit in a closet in my mom's house for a long, long time.

Well, ksl I guess I do like you, but not what you do to Justin!


Karen said...

Oh sad. I'll keep my dress for sure. I don't plan on having any of my kids wear it, but its just too sentimental to me. And I think they would like to see it! :)

Justin.Mandy and Girls said...

Same here. My dress has too many memories attached to it. I doubt any of my girls will wear it either, but I would love to see my moms dress. But if it doesn't bother you to sell it then the money will for sure be nice:) Let me know if it sells fast....funny story but I actually have 2 dresses. 1 I never wore!!

Christine said...

What! Your wedding dress is on KSL! Craziness.

Laura said...

I love this because Tyler suffers from the same problem. KSL is great, but we have to set rules. He thinks that we need stuff just because it is a good deal. Hmm. Make sure when you sell something that you ALWAYS get local cash. No money orders. We have had a few people try to scam us lately!!

Niederfam said...

you know my thoughts.......;) and BE WARY of scammers....especially with your iphones.....;)