Thursday, January 27, 2011


This is from Justin. Ok, I definitely don't ask to be mentioned more on the blog. Nicole just likes excuses to talk about me. I mean it's hard to resist mentioning how wonderful I am, I get that. But, I am happy with the blog devoted to three cute girls and Nicole's cute things. Preston, on the other hand, asks to be mentioned all the time.


Niederfam said...

Ha ha......LOL I don't even know if he reads the blog, definitely not I'll have to link this for him, he'll get a kick out of it.

YES, he is mentioned MANY MANY times, as well as pictured, Me, just the author and the girl behind the lens!!! BORING......;)
I gotta go better so my kids know who I am one day!!!

Niederfam said...

This is Preston: Actually, I have never requested to be mentioned. I just do things worth posting about. Watching golf and studying at the library are LAME! Now start riding a bike so you can lose some lb's and win the $$$.

Wendy said...

HA! The post and comments were pretty entertaining!