Monday, January 17, 2011

Birthday Party for Alison

We had a fun party for Ali on Friday night! We had a lot of family come and we appreciated them being there! Galbraith side: my parents, Natalie and Preston and kids. Pendleton side: Val and Shelley, Scott, Brooke and Laney, and Brad.

Some gifts and the cake!

I was going with the butterfly theme if you couldn't tell.

So I have to tell you that I was going to make a really cute butterfly cake. I even watched the Betty Crocker lady show me how to do it on a video online. And it seemed like a piece of cake (ha, like the pun? ok lame I know)! Well, turns out it isn't! We accidentally started to frost the two layers together before we cut the cake how we wanted. And the cake didn't come out clean, so it just turned into this big mess!

So thanks to this lovely lady, my mil, Shelley, she came to the rescue and last minute had Target customize a cake they already had made up. And I think it turned out pretty cute. I'll have to give it a go another time! I guess I just ran out of time was the problem.

Both grandmas holding their grandkids (Laney on the left and Ali on the right)

Showing those two bottom teeth! Did I tell you she's getting her fang teeth on top? So silly! She looks like a vampire baby! I thought her two front teeth would come in first, but I guess not!

Singing happy birthday.

Blowing out the candle with a little help.

She got some great gifts! Some baby goldfish crackers, a new crib sheet (woo hoo!), a cinderella doll to chew on, some hair elastics,

she got 5 adorable dresses from the triplet store (aka my sil, Sunny's stash from her triplets) and a monitor
a lalaloopsy doll! Her very own! A cute outfit, hair bows, and socks to name a few more!

Laney and Molly eating their cake

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to! This is after her cake. She was a bit tired and had to leave the party.

And I am so bummed, I had butterfly plates, a banner, and party hats that I totally forgot about! It was all in a bag on my dresser and a couple times in the day I reminded myself but then I guess after the cake fiasco I totally spaced it! Boo! I told my mom she might have to have a butterfly them for her bday in June! Ha!

We also decided that day that we were leaving the next day to head to St. George for Justin's grandma's surprise 80th birthday party. Val and Shelley were in charge of the program and we decided that we could rearrange a few things to make it down there. We were lucky to stay at my uncle's house in St. George which was 1 minute away from the church where the party took place! I forgot my camera at the actual event, but it was fun! And grandma was surprised and loved it!


Niederfam said...

It was FUN......even if you forgot the rest of your butterfly decor.......;)

galbraithfam said...

It looked like fun!! So wish we could have been there! And I must admit, you made me feel better about my cake fiasco! What we do to be rad mom's!!:) Ali looked so cute--and you had to have made her dress--she looked so so cute! She's getting so big--help me talk Ryan into coming to visit. I miss all you guys!

Laura said...

I can't believe she is one already! Wow time flys! I have to smile about the cake. I ruined Haylee's cake last year and was in tears. Tyler went to the store and bought stuff to try it again. He stayed up late with me to re-try and it ended up being fine. I think this year I will go straight for the bakery!!

Jen said...

Wow one year already! Can't wait to see you guys this weekend!

Wendy said...

What a cute birthday party! Both my girls are getting store bought cakes this year. I just can't pull it off with everything else I've got going on! :)