Saturday, January 1, 2011

Yarn wreath

First off, these pictures were taken late at night with my flash, so they look pretty bad! But here is my wreath in all its glory!! We had so much fun making these. We put the yarn on one day, then another day we decorated them. It took a couple of hours to wrap the yarn probably. Then to decorate all five it probably took 5 hours! But it was totally worth it!

My MIL has the most beautiful door. Nothing could look bad on it! We helped each other work on ours, kind of one at a time. I was totally all out of creativity when it came to mine. Luckily the others came to my rescue!

I'm sure there are a bunch of tutorials, so I would suggest googling one if you'd like one too.

We used doilies, ribbon, felt, tulle, fabric yoyos, and some buttons. But there are tons of things you could use! It was fun that they all turned out different, yet there were similarities. We kept telling ourselves how awesome our wreaths looked! Ha, it was pretty funny. We were so proud of ourselves! We even had our husbands share their opinions and they were good sports!


Patrice Pedersen said...

love love love this!!!

Niederfam said...

so it!!!