Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Alison!

Dear Alison,

It's hard to believe that just one year ago I went to the hospital to check if my water had broken. After 4 tests, the last one back from the lab, it was official that my water had broken and you would soon need to be delivered. Surprisingly, I wasn't too worried. I had seen miracle after miracle with babies coming into this world much earlier than 6 weeks. I felt calm and sure that everything would be ok. You were so small at 5 lbs. 3 oz. and 18 in. long. You had a lot of beautiful hair!

What I didn't know at the time was that you would end up staying in the hospital for 3 weeks. These 3 weeks felt like 3 months to me! It was hard and the only visitors allowed were parents and grandparents because the threat of the swine flu was quite strong at the time. Your big sister Molly didn't get to meet you until you came home. You were home for three weeks and then you became sick and had to return to the hospital for 5 days to be treated for RSV. Again, this broke our hearts! We knew you were receiving the best care, but we were so happy to have you home. Once home, you have stayed for good and we've only been to the doctor's office! This is just as we would like it. For being so small at first, you have definitely caught up! The doctor was so impressed at your last appointment! She couldn't believe how well you were doing!

You have always been such a sweet, calm girl! Although your start was a bit rough, you have made up for it ever since by being a great, happy baby! We love you so much and have enjoyed watching you learn and grow.

You love your mama, daddy and sister. You have recently started to reach for us as you see us, with a huge smile on your face! You love to watch and play with Molly! She can get you to laugh at the littlest things. It's the cutest thing! At times we think you are doing a dinosaur or tiger impression. You love to growl! And lately you share your ear-piercing shrills! We are working on that! You love your binky and your little bunny blanket. You sleep with both for naps and at night. You are very curious and you are happy crawling around, checking out anything you might find in arm's reach. We think you want to walk, but you aren't quite there yet. You are a good little eater and have recently decided that you are above baby food from the jars! We are slowly introducing you to big people food! You have such a happy temperament and as long as you are fed, have a clean diaper, and something to do, you are content. We love you so much and are so grateful to have you in our family!

We are celebrating Ali's birthday this weekend with family. I decided to give Ali a trial run trying a cupcake while I wasn't worried about a million other things!

Happy 1st Birthday Alison!! Love, Dad, Mom and Molly

P.S. I got a very sweet email from my dad for Alison's birthday. I have copied it here:

I love you very much Alison. You are a smart and beautiful baby. I’m so glad for the significant progress that you made during your first year here on earth. You scared us a little with your early arrival and small size. In just one year you have caught up with others of your age. You were born into a wonderful family that loves and cares for you. You have a big sister who will help you along the path of success also. Love abounds in your home and you have the blessing of having a father who holds the priesthood and a mother who will sacrifice for you.

Happy Birthday precious little girl who we all love!

Grandpa Galbraith


Niederfam said...

sweet email from dad....glad you posted it, good idea! DARLING little photos of a PRECIOUS little girl.

Ali we LOVE you too and can't wait to celebrate this weekend. ;)

what a difference a year makes, right?! WOW.

Karen said...

I love her purple dress! It's darling! Can't believe she is already 1. Time really does go way too fast!

Jeff and Kathryn said...

Ohhh such a cutie! Can't believe she's a year!

Christine said...

Sweet Sweet Ali. Great pics nicole. I can't believe it has already been a year! Honestly.

galbraithfam said...

I miss her! She has grown up way to fast and has changed so much!! I still keep thinking her birthday is in february! :) Her purple dress is gorgeous! Loved your little photo shoot! Happy Birthday Ali!

Stacie said...

So precious! Happy birthday, Alison! What a fast year!

Meg and Colby said...

She is absolutely beautiful, just like her mom and her sister!!

justinwp3 said...

Meg, what about her dad?

Melissa said...

She is such a little cutie! I can't believe it has been year!

Wendy said...

It's hard to believe all that was a year ago! She is such a doll and I love the pictures you took of her. Her lavender dress is gorgeous!