Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas Eve. Wearing the jammies Grandma and Grandpa Galbraith got them.

 Christmas morning. Opening up stockings!

Ali's favorite gift. Chapstick. Her other favorite? The candy in her stocking :)

 I finished Alison's stocking the day before! But hey, I got it DONE! And I love it. It turned out so darling. Now I get to do another ;)

 Fun princess blocks for the girls.

Molly and Ali both got a princess baby. Ali got Tinkerbell and Molly got Ariel. Molly has LOVED hers.

We were so lucky to have ALL of our family over for Christmas this year! Lexie and Shay got some fun Lala Loopsy tattoos and here they are showing them off! As you can see, they were a big hit!

Part of the crowd opening presents.

Molly behind her gift from grandma and grandpa. We opened all of our family gifts in the morning. Had a very nice meeting at church, then opened the gifts from grandma and grandpa after when all the family was over.

Emily, Zack and Elise in from Wisconsin

Ryan, Becky, Lexie and Shay in from Colorado

Molly opening her aqua doodle.

Ali loved her Little People bus!

The cute kiddo table! We had a wonderful Christmas and were so spoiled. We loved being with family!

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emily said...

oh it looks really fun! christmas is so much better with kids. :) and family - lucky that so much of your family was there!