Saturday, December 10, 2011

O Christmas Tree!

We went to pick out a Christmas tree with my parents this morning! My parents buy a real tree every year. Justin is a bit of a scrooge and doesn't want us to put one up since my parents do one upstairs. Oh well I guess! One day. Ali didn't want to be put down when we got there (I guess she was nervous or claustrophobic?) but Molly was telling us which ones she thought we should buy. "We should buy this one!"

We finally convinced Ali it was ok and she walked around with us for awhile.

Giving hugs.

It was quite the adventure! I think the girls had fun!

Here's the tree!

It was a successful outing! Justin was playing football with some friends this morning, so that's why you don't see him.

Just for fun, here's a few things I love about this time of year:

Sweater time and layering
Fires and blankets
Hot chocolate
Peppermint ice cream (well, peppermint anything!)
Chocolate covered cinnamon bears
Christmas decorations
Being with family and friends
Focusing on the Savior

I saw on someone's blog their list of favorite Christmas movies. Here's mine in no particular order:

Home Alone (it's just a classic)
While You Were Sleeping (ok so maybe it's not really a Xmas movie, but to me it is!)
The Holiday
Christmas Vacation

What are your favorites?!


erinmalia said...

every saturday in december (when we remember to do so) we watch a christmas movie. in addition to this you listed, we like "a christmas story." i think you got all the others we like.

Niederfam said...

hello? national lampoons christmas vacation??where's that one. ha ha....but i do love it. i think it's definitely a classic.

cute. i'm glad you joined the fun and have the pictures to prove it. can't wait to see the tree in all it's "glory"

Niederfam said...

ummm yeah, just re-read the list, apparently i'm the NERD. so sorry, it's there. my bad. ;)

Stacie said...

Ali is looking more and more like Molly to me in these pictures. So cute. And I just watched While You Were Sleeping and I totally think it's a Christmas movie!

Christine said...

What cute little girls you have. I love Molly and her purse, so girly. You know me and Christmas movies, I am a sucker for the romantic ones-White Christmas, Christmas in Connecticut, The Holiday, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year....I could name 100! I just saw a cute one on lifetime-A Princess for Christmas. Very fun.