Friday, December 2, 2011

The Proof...

is in the pooch! Here I am at 16 weeks. This is right after the gym today and there's no way I was gonna let you see my face! I have always been bad at taking pics of myself while pregnant, so this is my attempt at being better! I have been so unmotivated this pregnancy. I have just wanted to be lazy! Everything seems like a lot of work (sewing, crafts, etc). I think the 2nd trimester is going better though. I have more energy and don't want to just sleep all day (at least not all day anyway)!

Today Molly and I went to the Festival of Trees and my mom listened while Ali took her nap. I haven't been for a few years and it seemed like every other tree was for a child or baby who had passed away. I felt like I had to hold back tears, even though I didn't even know them or their stories. I was glad we could attend and help support Primary Children's Medical Center.

This was a tree Molly requested I take a picture of. Surprise, it's pink!

When we came to this one,  Molly asked if she could go and play with the toys. Um, sorry! But she wanted a picture by it.

 This was a fun tree that I thought of as "crafty". I loved the rosette wreaths and the banners hung all around the tree.

A close up. Isn't it cute?

Ok check out this gingerbread house!! Wow!! Seriously impressive!!

This lodge was awesome too I thought.

For $1 I bought Molly 3 tickets so she could do a little craft. She got to make a Christmas tree picture (what she's doing here) and a caterpillar. She had a lot of fun. We only made it through about 10 rows at the festival, but that's pretty good for a 4 yr. old! She also liked the dancers and performers. We watched them for a while. It was a fun little date for us. Thanks for watching Ali, mom! I think tomorrow is the last day, so if you live around here and haven't been, you should go!


erinmalia said...

on man, i don't think i could read all those things about sad babies. seriously. you look good! here's to a energized second trimester.

Karen said...

What a cute little pooch! How exciting. I haven't been to the festival for years either, looks like fun.

Meg said...

I went to the festival of trees the same year we had was an emotional experience for me! This year was better though. Whew! Baby steps:) You look great:)

Niederfam said...

I LOVE the Festival of Trees, it's been a while since I've been too.

Here's to hoping you just feel better and better! You will, it'll just fly by...... ;)

Erin said...

Congrats on your pregnancy Nicole! That's so exciting!! (And I love the festival of trees too!)

Christine said...

What a cute little belly you have. I love it. I miss the festival of trees. What a fun tradition. That tree with the toys is a mighty big temptation for all the little kids around there!