Saturday, December 17, 2011

Molly's recital

Thursday night was Molly's recital. She is in a singing and dancing class once a week. She loves it! It has been a fun thing for her. There are only 3 girls in her class, including Molly! Sorry about the pictures, we were on the back row :( Here is her class, she's on the far right.

Singing her solo! Each girl had a solo. Molly sang the 3rd verse of "Deck the Halls". She did a great job!

Here she is dancing to "Silent Night" with the other preschool class.

I love this picture! Look at her smiling face :)

Molly with her friend Carly at the end of the performance.

All of the TRIO performers with their teacher Miss Tricia! It was really cute and fun. The girls all knew their solos and did a great job!

After Molly took her costume off and came out she was being so funny about getting pictures taken! She didn't want us to take ANY! Silly girl! So this was the best we got.


Christine said...

So adorable. I didn't know it was a singing class too! Just perfect.

Niederfam said...

I've got to come and see one......SO CUTE.