Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Treat

Does this look yummy or what? Do you like peppermint? White chocolate? Popcorn? Then this is for you! 

Here's all you need! Microwave popcorn, Andes peppermint baking chips and white chocolate chips.
Pop 2 bags of popcorn. Place a sheet of wax paper over a cookie sheet and lay out popcorn evenly on the cookie sheet. Melt the peppermint chips. I put them in the microwave and stirred every 30 seconds.
 Then put the melted chips in a ziploc bag, cut one corner and drizzle evenly over popcorn.

Repeat with the white chocolate chips if desired. I was going to just do the peppermint, then decided it would only be better with white chocolate!

Let the popcorn sit until it dries (about 15-20 minutes or so), then break up and put in bags or in a bowl!

My mom actually found this bag topper on Shindig Parties to go, found here. She also has some little circles that you can put on the bottom of hershey kisses. My mom printed out some and put them in a jar and it turned out darling!

I made a few for gifts and the rest I ate :) Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Oh! You are bringing some of that up to Wyoming in a few weeks to share? How thoughtful of you! ;)

emily said...

oh i so am making this! thanks!