Monday, December 5, 2011

Girl time

Today we went to the library and the girls picked out some books. On the way home Molly was reading her book out loud. We got home and Molly asked Ali if she wanted her to read the book to her. Of course she said yes! Molly is usually a really good big sister.

Molly just looked at the pages and made up the book. It was so cute. I had to get my camera out!

Then they wanted to play with something. So we pulled out the strawberry shortcake dolls and house.

I don't always think of documenting the day to day events, but today I thought it would be fun to have a little snapshot of what they do on a typical day! My girls are pretty good at playing with each other these days. It's so nice! Molly even let Ali have 3 dolls and she has 1! That's big for her.

I went to my doctor appointment this morning and it took some convincing, but the nurse allowed me to get my ultrasound before Christmas!! Yay!! I was so excited. I would have been seriously bummed if she didn't since I will be out of town the week after. So that would be like waiting 2 more weeks. You can't do that to a pregnant lady!! And I guess I have my dates wrong. I'm actually 16 weeks tomorrow. I thought I was 16 weeks this past Thursday. So I will technically be 18 1/2 weeks when I get my ultrasound, but hopefully that will be just fine! I'm scheduled for Friday, Dec. 23rd! I got the last appointment at my doctor's office (although I could have had it done at radiology in the hospital like I did last time). Merry Christmas to me! I hope baby isn't shy!

Today I'm working on getting our Christmas cards ready to be sent out. I hope to get them out this week! Tonight we are very lucky to get to see "A Christmas Carol" at the Hale Center Theatre. My friend Sara is in it and we are excited to see the show! We've never been and hear that everyone loves it.


Emily said...

I love those girls and I can't wait to see them next week!! I will let you have some of my Sunkist soda before your appointment and hopefully baby will be "bouncing off the walls!" Hooray!

Anonymous said...

So I guess you are coming up to Star Valley! Yeah, I'm glad you are finding before Christmas! I found out about the girls at 18 weeks so if they can spot the sex of triplets squished together at 18 weeks, one should be a cake walk right!?

emily said...

aw, what sweet moments. i treasure such moments, too. girl time is precious. :)

can't wait to hear your big news on the 23rd. :)

sara said...

Merry Christmas to you!! Hooray for convincing the nurse, that will be a great Christmas gift for you guys!